Entry #2


2009-07-08 09:58:19 by i8usernames

i just wanted to thank everyone for the great feedback on my work.
i hope to put more work here on Newgrounds in the future.


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2009-07-09 16:59:15

Well then i8usernames------>
Keep submitting 'em in, boy! Heh heh heh Hey, I tell ya what, you ever need reviews and voting, I'm so there. I love your work. You gotta do the same for me though. Naw, you don't HAVE to (but if you don't I'll hunt you down and torture you for a seemingly infinite amount of time). Ahh... I kid. . . I kid. . .
Really though, thanks for all the great art work! You rock! Until next time. . .

........Take care, be good and continue drawing.period


2009-07-14 18:30:01

Keep 'em coming. I love your work and your style, it's simply magnificent. I'm a big fan of yours.


2009-08-31 11:39:39

You always have more artwork up at ToonPool, i8usernames------>
Why is that? Hmm, is it, you don't like us here at old Newgrounds? Heh heh heh Hey Man, how've you been? Haven't heard from you in awhile, Mr. Serious looking face! <3 Ha ha I kid, I kid. Not that you really care but my Aunt just left from visiting my Mum and I for the year. Now she's headed back to Pffeffenweiler (sort of close to Frankfurt). Ah, Deutschland. Anyhoo, it reminded me of you. Just thought I'd drop in and say hello. So, "Hello!". I hope all is well with you. You were my first MSN chat you know. Whatever. I'll leave you alone for now. Come drop me a line if you get bored, Man. Until we next chat. . .

.........Take care, be good and du bist ein hackvogel! I'm kidding! NOT!
(My cousins and I say that all the time. Stupid, I know.)