Entry #1


2009-07-06 06:25:33 by i8usernames

Ii am new here and i am excited to add some of my artwork to the Newgrounds art portal.
I am always excited about feedback on my work and i am sure i´ll have a fun time here.
I have followed the works on Newgrounds before and think it´s really cool that you can now add artwork.


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2009-07-06 07:56:17

Your artwork is very intriguing


2009-07-06 13:40:17



2009-07-13 05:57:01

Yeah i8usernames------>
I'm pretty excited they have added the Art Portal as well.
Is there NOTHING that Newgrounds can't do? I mean, art, flash movies and games, literature, chats, blogs, entire collections, forums, downloads, they just have it ALL.
I love all of your work and I'm happy to have discovered you here. I added you as a favorite artist too! Went over to your website and checked out what you had THERE. I gotta say, you are by far an amazing artist with ALOT to share. Keep up all the kick @ss work and I'm looking forward to seeing even MORE of your stuff as time goes by. I have a thing for black and white composition, in case you couldn't tell. Heh heh heh *goes back to look at your latest submissions* Until next time. . .

...........Take care, be good and enjoy the
simplistic detailing of mere black and white.period